Pack 02: Rainy days

  1. Aah
  2. Addendum
  3. Aftermath
  4. Astral Plains
  5. Backdrift
  6. Candidate
  7. Cloudburst
  8. Detour
  9. Double
  10. Dystopia
  11. Edgeware
  12. Empty
  13. Entente
  14. Exegesis
  15. Flux
  16. Gravity
  17. Grooves
  18. Grounded
  19. Holly
  20. Impasse
  21. Inertial
  22. Intermission
  23. Last sighting
  24. Limited
  25. Mal a tete

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GDP £25

Pack 02:
Rainy days

Imagine yourself sitting cozily by a crackling fire, as storm clouds gather and raindrops start to fall. SideTrax offers an amazing collection of 25 premium royalty-free audio tracks, perfect for those rainy days. Whether you need captivating soundtracks for movies, video games, or social media posts, these tracks will add a touch of magic to your projects. With a variety of styles and genres, this memorable music will create unforgettable backgrounds for all your multimedia endeavors.

Files are provided in lossless wav format, AAC and MP3